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Hertje Linda op bezoek bij Foyer

Have you ever heard of PLURILINGUALISM?

Here is it’s definition. Interesting!

* * *

Today we had a chance to contribute to a fantastic project of digital kamishibai, created by Foyer in Brussels.
Our story about “Deer Linda” has been recorded in Dutch, Polish, Spanish and Arabic, will be converted into a video and added to the electronic library of the Foyer’s digital kamishibai.

What an honor!!

So this morning we went to Brussels…

Direction: Molenbeek

Oh boy… Weren’t we nervous…

Luckily Diana, who agreed to read the Arabic version of the story, gave us a great example of how to do. She is an experienced reader at Foyer, and you notice it immediately – relaxed, prepared and professional.

And then it was our turn…

Great experience. We hope to repeat it again, very soon!

Of course we wouldn’t be ourselves, without a having a coffee afterwards, to chat a bit and to share the ideas for the future.

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