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Dag lieve ik - Dear me...

We all have our inner child in us. Sometimes it’s a happy, bubbly one, sometimes it’s been a bit forgotten by our adult Self. If you could send a letter to this child, to yourself, when you were 10, what would you say? Would you give this boy/girl some advice or a compliment for something? Could we all benefit from the lessons you learnt in your life.

We invite you to write such a letter and send it to us ( together with

-1 photo of when you were a child, 1 recent one

- a short description of who you are (look for inspiration at the bottom of each letter on our facebook page)

· Letter – please try to limit yourself to 200 words, you can send us your letter in EN, NL, FR, ES, PL, PT

· Photos – will be converted to black and white, as in the letters published on the site.

· By sending us the letter and your pictures, you give us permission to share them on Facebook.


Hello my dear Fatma,

Right now you are ten years old, and belong to a happy family with your five siblings. I am showing you your future. You will recite your own poems, read a lot of books, and your teenage years will be full of activities. Then books and friends won’t be enough for you and you will meet new friends from all over the world...

Hello my dear Yüksel,

Would I advise you to be so far from home now? I am not sure. So, be careful when you wish something. I wanted to live abroad. Did I really want it? Or was it effect of some relatives who went to Germany to work and were coming back like they were coming from a different world. Or was it the colourful Ice Skating Revue starts who came from Paris apparently? ...

Hello my dear Melody,

Binnenkort sta je voor een ontzettend diep dal, maar daar klim jij gewoon terug uit. Het kost je enkele jaren, maar die vormen je tot de sterke vrouw die je uiteindelijk wordt! Want ik kan je zeggen: je wordt gelukkig, lieve Melody! Ik weet dat je het op dit moment niet gelooft maar het is de pure waarheid! ...

Hello my dear Lene,

From time to time you are concerned whether you should grow up faster, as the others your age, but please don’t you worry. The others would love to have the courage to play and just let loose. Play, dress up in crazy clothes, laugh at yourself - you will live longer and have a funnier life...

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